About Us

Founded in 1978, EURECAT is recognized today as world leader in the circular economy of catalysts, mineral products containing strategic metals that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing permanent chemical change.

Headquartered and industrially present in France (La Voulte sur Rhône – Ardèche) and five other countries. View map.

EURECAT is a 50/50 Joint Venture between KETJEN (catalyst manufacturer, 100% subsidiary of ALBERMARLE, one of the world leaders in the production of Lithium) and the French company AXENS (catalyst manufacturer and licensor, itself 100% owned by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and environment).

Historically oriented towards technologies and chemical processes applicable to circularity, Eurecat has been a pioneer in technologies related to catalysts and their use.

This is true in particular for Direct Recycle (reuse in the original service via catalyst regeneration and/or rejuvenation), in cooperation with catalyst manufacturers and technology licensors.

For 45 years, Eurecat has experienced continuous growth built with constant innovation and several acquisitions.

Beyond catalyst reuse, Eurecat offers a wide range of catalyst pretreatment and conditioning solutions as well as a complete set of services dedicated to the management of maintenance activities on industrial reactors in collaboration with its subsidiary Petroval.

With more than 500 employees spread across the globe, Eurecat operates 7 industrial sites, processes more than 40,000 tons of catalyst annually (thus environmentally contributing to the reuse of more than 15% of the world’s catalysts) and services over 300 catalytic reactors each year.

Manufacturing Locations
Tons Catalysts Processed / Year
Reactors Services / Year

Today Eurecat is the company of choice to provide its customers with innovative customized solutions, quality services, and expertise, for assuring optimal catalyst performance.

Each Eurecat company involved with off-site catalyst services is located close to major oil refining and petrochemical production centers, with its own marketing, logistics, laboratory, plant and storage facilities.

The invention of many unique and innovative processes and their implementation in our plant site are the result of a highly flexible organization and dedicated technology development efforts:

  • Internally
  • Through partnerships with our shareholders
  • Through external acquisition
Eurecat supports and implications in its strategic developments