CathanLoop project

As part of its diversification, EURECAT has committed itself to the field of battery recycling, an activity which includes numerous adjacencies with its current business (model, materials, partnership, recycling direct and circular economy promoting recycling loops as short as possible).

The company is aiming in France for the industrial deployment of a complete battery recycling process, with the ultimate goal to revalorize used batteries and gigafactory scrap into high purity salts (Ni, Co, Mn, Li) and graphite that will return to the manufacturing chain for new battery production.

The CathanLoop industrial project (recycling of batteries into cathode and anode materials) is based on the adaptation of the best hydrometallurgy technologies to materials that vary in composition and impurities, combined with great technical maturity (demonstration units) and strong partnerships.

EURECAT aims to become the reference in the preservation
of strategic resources and metals in Europe.