Our Vision


Contribute to a healthy planet by expanding the reuse of resources while limiting the environmental footprint of our ecosystem.


Deliver sustainable solutions to extend the useful life of mineral resources and reduce the carbon footprint associated with their application.


Champion carbon mitigation efforts by our customers through activation and circular economy of catalysts.

Become a major player in urban mining of critical materials through sustainable solutions.

EURECAT’s main objective is to help its partners and clients preserve strategic or critical resources via Circular Economy technologies.
Initially applied to catalysts, the company is working to extend this successful experience to the EV battery industry as part of a diversification initiative of its existing activities by adjacency (analogy), aiming for the coming decade to:

> Further improve its contribution to carbon neutrality by developing technologies based on circularity worldwide for its core businesses,

> Focus on activities in its core DNA with the objective to maximize Direct Recycling and Circular Economy,

> Become a leader in EV Battery Recycling and contribute to retaining strategic metals in Europe to ultimately ensure its autonomy by 2040-2050.

Over the years, EURECAT has successfully developed a hybrid Business Model based on a combination of Product Sales (purchase/process/resell to the market) and Services (value added treatments, metals recovery and reactor management).
As a leader in its catalysis markets, the company is thus undertaking a major strategic move on three new themes:

A direct contribution to energy transition by substantially reducing its carbon emission by 2030.

Extending circular economy activities on catalysts via new direct and open loop recycling technologies.

Deploying state-of-the-art battery recycling process, beginning with recovery of high value Black Mass contained in secondary mines (Gigafactory Scraps and EV Batteries) and growing into a closed loop revalorization of Black Mass critical metals as raw material for new batteries.